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Heat Treat Kilns
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Nova Dry Kiln's Heat Treat Kilns are perfect for heating your pallets to meet new European Union regulations. We manufacture wood drying kilns that surpass industry standards and achieve the best short-term and long-term financial results for our clients. We have recently modified three of our standard sized kilns to meet the needs of the packaged wood industry. Choose a pre-engineered kiln to treat your pallets, or set up your own kiln with our Components Only Kit. Our Kilns are of the highest quality, longevity, and operational economy, plus they are the simplest to use. Call Nova today, and your pallets will pass new regulations with flying colors!
Nova Heat Treat Kiln
Why choose a Nova Dry Kiln?
Compared to other offerings, Nova kilns possess the following benefits:
  • heavily insulated walls for excellent thermal efficiency
  • hot water heat system that can utilize waste wood systems
  • sturdy SIP panel construction
  • wide entry to the chamber for easy forklift loading and unloading
  • gentler chamber temperature of 160° which reduces warpage and degrade
  • ability to customize the full truckload chambers to customer specifications
  • forced air exhaust vents to remove water vapor which reduces the risk of staining from condensate
  • simple, easy to operate controls
  • wide side hinge doors for fork-lift loading
  • overhead door on the 18N-PK
  • SIP insulated panel construction
  • coated aluminum interior walls
  • circulating fan wall
  • high horsepower hot water heating coils
  • powered exhaust
  • basic control instrumentation package
  • paperless chart recorder/controller with four type T thermocouple inputs, three of which verify the the pallet core temperature for ISPM 15 Compliance.
  • coated sheet metal exterior
  • outside installation on concrete pad poured by customer
  • hot water heated floor
  • gas hot water heating system
  • wood waste hot water heating system
  • boiler connection kits
  • door opening system for the KDK-18N-PK, KDK-42N-PK
  • construction supervision and startup services
  • control room optional for the KDK-18N-PK, KDK-42N-PK

Nova Dry Kiln Model Chamber width
(entry width)
Interior kiln depth Interior kiln height Maximum kiln temp F(C) Electrical current draw Concrete pad specs
(PDF file)
KDK-6200-PK 25'-3"
7 ft. 8 Ft. 160°F(71°C) 4.75 amps KDK-6200-PK
Pad Specs
KDK-10100-PK 21 ft.
11 ft. 12 Ft. 160°F(71°C) 11 amps KDK-10100-PK
Pad Specs
KDK-12600D-PK 26 ft.
19 ft. 6 in. 12 Ft. 160°F(71°C) 13 amps KDK-12600D-PK
Pad Specs
KDK-12800D-PK 29 ft.
19 ft. 6 in. 12 Ft. 160°F(71°C) 13 amps KDK-12800D-PK
Pad Specs
KDK-18N-PK 26 ft.
21 ft. 17 Ft. 160°F(71°C) 12 amps KDK-18N-PK
Pad Specs
KDK-42N-PK 26 ft.
35 ft. 8 in. 26 Ft. 160°F(71°C) 24 amps KDK-52N-PK
Pad Specs
KDK-6200-PK is for 1/4 truckload* of pallets, 127Kbtu/hr required
KDK-10100-PK is for 1/2 truckload* of pallets, 211Kbtu/hr required
KDK-12600D-PK is for a full truckload* of pallets, 595Kbtu/hr required
KDK-12800D-PK is for a 53' flatbed truckload* of pallets rated at 650Kbtu/hr required
KDK-18N-PK is for a 1-1/2 truckloads* of pallets, 789Kbtu/hr required
KDK-42N-PK is for 2 truckloads* of pallets, 1.33 MMbtu/hr required

*Assumes standard pallet dimensions of 48" x 40"

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