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Timber-Dry Management Control System
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Nova Dry Kiln's new Timber-Dry Management Control System utilizes state-of-the-art instrumentation that takes kiln drying into the 21st century and yet remains true to our "kinder gentler" method of drying lumber. By providing an easy to use and flexible operator interface, the kiln operator ultimately determines the optimum drying recipe for the lumber to be dried. This recipe is then sequentially executed automatically. The Timber-Dry Management Control System provides more information about the drying process, which leads to greater control over it, yielding increased quality and shorter drying times.
Timber-Dry Management Control System
Features Include:
  • Preprogrammed drying procedures
  • The ability to program custom drying schedules
  • The capability to manipulate or suspend the drying schedule as it executes
  • Maintains a record of process variables that can be exported to Microsoft Access or Excel such as
    • wet bulb temperature
    • dry bulb temperature
    • exhaust setting
  • Frequent wet bulb measurements
  • Continuous dry bulb measurements
  • Automatic control of floor temperature based on dew point to eliminate condensate
  • Operator interface shows the drying sequence as it is executed in real time
  • Multiple kiln operation is possible through one operator interface
Benefits Include:
  • Reduced drying time (up to 3 days per kiln charge vs. manual method.)
  • Increased drying efficiency due to a faster response time and shorter drying cycles
  • Reduced kiln operator interface time since the control system is doing all the work
  • Drying history data that enables quality assurance and tracking.
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